Bern Cohen returned to his acting roots in 2003 as a principal actor, after a successful career as a high school principal.

Since then he's appeared in widely distributed films and the NY stage in a variety of roles, including:  the neurotic doctor, the difficult curmudgeon, the Rabbi, the teacher, the Hollywood agent, the evil U.S. President, and the Alzheimer's victim.

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Here's the Latest...
NEIGHBORS - in which Cohen plays publisher, Marty Cooperman, is the Benyamin Brothers feature about the impact a building's residents can have on each other.
FRANK VS. GOD - Cohen represents God in court and organizes His defense in the award-winning film, also starring Henry Ian Cusick, Ever Carradine and Natalya Oliver.   Won "Best in Fest" or "Audience Award" in 6 festivals and screened in NYC's Soho Film Festival and TriBeca View Festival.
JON GLASER LOVES GEAR - Cohen is Jon Glaser's father in the series pilot for TruTV that stars Jon Glaser, who will “delve into his love of looking at gear, shopping for gear, wearing the gear and talking about gear.”
SUPER DARK TIMES - starring Owen Cambell, is a high-school based thriller that calls upon Cohen's past as a high school teacher to play Campbell's character's serious English teacher.

THE LAST LEATHERMAN OF THE VALE OF CASHMERE - written by Greg Loser, reveals the angst and coping skills of Karl (Cohen's lead role), an aging gay man who outlived the popularity, thrill and diseases of the '70s and '80's Gay "Leathergen.",
SALACH - Cohen plays Ex Mossad Agent who flees to the United States after his involvement in the Munich massacre response operations back in 1972 in this crime-drama film short.
TANGO SHALOM - film comedy currently in production.  Cohen has scenes with Joe Bologna and others who solicite his advice as Grand Rebbe.
CROW HILL - as the National Director of the FBI, Cohen is hands on in this Brooklyn crime-drama by Rubidium Wu.
2016 Official Selection
 of the Telluride and Toronoto Film Festivals

2016 Official Selection
 Toronoto Film Festival
Starring Bern as Karl, the last Leatherman
Starring Richard Gere,  Bern as Board Member