"The Life and Passions of an American Activist."

"You couldn’t ask for a better meeting of subject and performer."

"Hoffman is ripe for a stage portrait."

"Mr. Cohen evokes the anxiety of a fugitive living under surveillance."

"ABBIE is heartfelt."
        --  Andy Webster, NY Times

"Looking back on his life, Cohen's portrayal of Hoffman is warm and self-effacing."

"ABBIE is certainly informative and interesting."

"Cohen conveys a true affection and warmth for the subject." 
  -- BroadwayWorld.com
ABBIE West End Theater, NYC
“Cohen does an outstanding job. His accent and demeanor are totally convincing as an immigrant Czech engineer trying to make a go of things…Bern weaves a steady stream of authenticity throughout the film by staying true to his character and the story.”
                                                   -- Queens Buzz

Remembering Woodhaven 
“Beryl the thief, Bern Cohen, was charismatic, providing much needed comic relief."

 -- Saviana Stanescu, NYTHEATRE.com
Secret of Our Souls - Minetta Lane Theater, NYC
“Bern Cohen as Morris Bober brings a special richness to the role and sets the tone."

-- Irene Backalenick, New York Scene
“The most successful is Cohen in his convincing and detailed portrait of Morris. Malamud would have approved.”
-- Karl Levitt, Backstage
The Assistant - Turtle Shell Theater, NYC 
“Woodhull’s seedy father, well-portrayed by Bern Cohen…”
-- Curtainup
“…welcome moments in the show with the performance of Bern Cohen as Victoria’s father.”

-- Theater.com
Woodhull - Michael Schimmel Theater, NYC    
“…with taunting psychological spice, Bern Cohen played Woodhull’s possibly incestuous father.”

  --  Theatermania.com
“Bern Cohen, the gruff café owner, immediately commands attention.” 

* Compared Bern’s “command” to Harvey Fierstein.
-- NY Times
Motke Thief - Nada con Todo, NYC 
“Cohen’s nervy patriarch is a standout.”

                                           -- Variety